Sunday, July 26, 2009


Me: Hi Mom, how has your day been?

Mom: Oh! It's so good to see you!!!!

Me: Did you have a good lunch?

Mom: Yes, but I have to ask you something.

Me: Ok, what's going on?

Mom: Well I didn't know it but they have church here very Sunday.

Me: Oh, yeah, down in the nursing home! We went there a couple of times, remember?


Me: (realizing that it was the worship services on the radio) Oh, you mean on the radio!

Mom: No, they came here and preached at me all day.

Me: So the church people came to talk to you?

Mom: No, the whole church was here, even the choir. I've been preached at a lot in my life, but all day is just too much. Can you tell them that I don't like all the preaching?

Me: Well, I'll make sure I'm here next week when they come, and I'll talk to them and see if we can get it straightened out.

Me: (to myself): I'm going to have to change the radio station on Saturday nights.


perphila said...

You do what ever little steps you need to do everyday. Thinking on your feet shows how well you are handling things even when you think you aren't. Still praying...:)