Friday, February 6, 2009

My mom had a busy day!

I called my mom, and she sounded very good. I asked her what she had been up to, and she said, "Well, I had that therapy this morning..." So I kind of repeated it after her, and said, "Oh! So you had therapy!" And she said, "yes, quite a lot of it!" And then she added: "But then we had to have lunch. And I went to that exercise class again, too. And what do you call it? There was a music program and they were playing old church songs. I went to that too."

I am so incredibly relieved. I don't know if it's the new "memory pills" (Aricept and Namenda--both for Alzheimer's) that the neurologist added, or if the Benadryl is just getting out of her system, but either way, I'm feeling a lot more hopeful than I was last week.

I told her that I had been told that there will be a "care conference" next Wednesday, where the staff at her assisted living place and the staff at the nursing home (and my mom and me) all get together and discuss where we go from here. I am very much hoping that she can go back to her apartment. But I didn't say anything about that to my mom, I haven't said much about the possibility of her not being able to go back there....but anyhow, when I told her that we were going to have this "care conference", she said,

"What will be, will be."



Mrs. Dreamer said...

Oh good. This sounds very promising for your mother.

perphila said...

As long as she is feeling better is the main thing. Sounds hopeful...:)

Elanor@diaryofacarer said...

Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by my blog :)
I'm glad you're mum is improving, I found the aricept made quite a difference with my mum. I hope the case conference goes well.