Thursday, February 12, 2009

That sound in his voice....

Me: Hello, this is Carol...

DH: Hi, it's me.

Me: Oh, what've you been up to?

DH: Well, DD and I are heading over to the nursing home to visit your mom.

Me: Oh that sounds great!!

DH: I got her a hot cocoa, like I did last time.

Me: Oh, she'll like that. She likes anything sweet these days.

Me: So what was your day like?

DH: Well, I've had better.

Me: Oh. What went wrong?

DH: I can't discuss it with you right now, I'll tell you about it later.

Me: Oh, ok. Because I think you've got that "spending" sound in your voice again.

DH: What???!!! Well, that's an interesting thought. Remind me of that later.

DH: Because I think you might be right.

Me: Really???

DH: Yeah. How do you know that???

Me: I have no idea. Probably wife telepathy or something.

DH: Well, I'll call you back later and tell you more about it.

Me: Ok, talk to you later, bye.

He only said one sentence to me and I could tell he either had gone out to spend money (since I know his mom sent him money for cigarettes) on stupid stuff, or that he wanted to go out and spend money on stupid stuff. And I think it's been a while on this, so I could tell the difference in his voice right away. Even though it's me recognizing this, it kind of freaks me out that I can tell.

I hope that having money in his pocket is what put him into this mood, I really hope....I'm a little afraid that the Abilify might be doing something bad. And I'm a little bit worried that I might be too sensitive and probably shouldn't worry about this too much until I have more to worry about....


Elizabeth B. Alexander said...

I think you should always trust your intincts. Why would knowing your husband freak out you out? I'm sure he appreciates it on some level, it kinda takes the pressure off of constant self-monitoring. More than once, my husband has told me to take a shower, brush my teeth and go to bed. It makes me mad at the time, but I always appreciate it when I wake up.

Just keep the pdoc's number on speed dial in case your instincts tell you there really is something to worry about.

perphila said...

Being aware of what might be going on is way bettethan having your head buried in the sand. You are not nagging or anything just being cautious. Trust your gut.