Thursday, September 4, 2008


He did it, he did it!!!!! He held on to that money until Tuesday, when he went into town and paid off all of his bills at the various stores where he had "charge" accounts!!!! And he bought cigarettes, and I got $150 out of the deal, too!!! I was so excited!!!!

So I was so excited! So excited that I forgot for a brief time that DH had bipolar. He was acting like my "regular old DH" again, and what a thrill!

Apparently, though, it thrilled him, too, because after that, he was really wiped out. Hanging on to that money must've been difficult. (but he did do it!) Sleeping a lot, lounging around a lot...forgetting things I'd told him....forgetting things he should have known....I started to get frustrated, then reminded myself to count my blessings, so I did.

He came in on Monday and said, "Did you get a new duck?"
Me: No, I'm trying to let attrition take care of those ducks, because I hate taking care of them in the winter.
DH: There's this HUGE gray duck out there!! I swear, I've never seen it before!!!
DH: It's as big as a goose, the thing's huge!!!!
Me: Does it have pink on its face?
DH: Yes, you did get a new one, then!!
Me: No, that's the male duck from the baby Muscovies that you and I went together and got last year.
DH: It is not....I would've noticed him before this!!!
Me: Um....

DD started school on Tuesday, too. It's so stressful trying to "police" her for school, too. I have to check online to see if she gets to her classes on time, I have to check to make sure her assignments are in, and I have to make sure, when she brings stuff home, that it gets dome. I'm hoping that this year, DH can do a little of the policing, but I still can't count on it. But a girl can hope, right?


Grace. said...

Take your victories where you find them--your husband did good and you got some bills paid.

I hear ya about school. With my youngest (diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Effects and ADHD), it was always a relief to get her back to school. At least until the phone calls started coming. . . !

Anonymous said...

YA!! I'm so glad that he held on to the money to pay his bills off. What a releaf for you. I'm happy every thing worked out for you. As for school good luck!!!

perphila said...

whoo hoo! what a wonderful feeling...:) Baby steps right?
The memory stuff, I know what you mean. What can you say? I can't count how many conversations I had with my husband like that.
School. I don't think I am ready for the ride yet...lol

Lorna said...

That's brilliant. He must feel like he has really achieved something and it must be a weight off for you!