Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beyond the 7 year itch!

Well, we had our 8th anniversary this week. It was very nice, because DH still had some money left over, and took me out for fast food :-) (I would've felt bad if he would've went for something more expensive, because I know he has no chance at the moment of making more money.) That trip out, was so pleasant, so much more fun than last year, when DH was lying in bed all day, and when DH cried because "how could I love him if he couldn't even celebrate our anniversary?"

I love my husband. And these have been trying times, for sure. I'm not sure we're "out of the woods" yet, but I dream about it....and I think we're closer to "out of the woods" than we were last year, for whatever that's worth...

Here is a conversation we had:
Me: Well, it's our 8th anniversary, so I guess we made it past the 7 year itch!!!
DH: Remind me again, what is the 7 year itch?
Me: It's where the "rose colored glasses" come off, and people start to see the other person's faults. Sometimes they don't like what they see, sometimes "the grass looks greener" on the other side...
DH: (joking at the silliness that brought to mind) Well, I myself don't have any faults, but that grass on the other side that you're looking at, well, it's pretty much fluorescent, isn't it?
DH: No, really, there's been so much more than just seeing each others' faults, we're really lucky!!!
Me: Yes we are.

Then we went home and I tried to "lower my expectations" again, because despite me telling him about 800 times, he took the clothes out of the dryer, failed to fold them, left them in a big lump in the laundry basked, mixed up with dirty ones. I tell him at least twice a week that if he's going to do that, he might as well not do laundry at all, because it is not saving me any time. I don't know if he forgets, or if he hopes I will, or what, but man!!! I see that big pile of clean clothes in the basket and I just want to go ballistic!!! Good thing we're past the 7 year itch, though :-)


perphila said...

Happy Anniversary...you both deserve it...:)

Lorna said...

Happy anniversary. 8 years- yay. I think it's even more of an achievement with a mental ilness thrown in the bag too ;-)

LAl said...

Hehe! Congratulations. I think i'm at the 7 years itch mark although it's been 8 almost 9 years.

It might also have to do with growing up. ugh.