Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wonders never cease

DH up and finished the bankruptcy forms!!!!

So I paid his bad check, and now he won't go to jail (yet anyhow).

He also called the attorney and set up an appointment, but it turns out he has to reschedule because DD has an orthodontist appt. that day and it can't be rescheduled.

But it's progress, for sure!!! I got such a good feeling thinking about not having bill collectors calling all the time any more, I was amazed. I hope he can manage to follow through and get this over with.

Oh, and he didn't get off scott free with the check, either. It appears that once the Sheriff's department is involved, in order to stay out of jail, he is required to take a 4-hour class (presumably to ensure that he handles his money better in the future). So even though I paid the money part, he still has to go to the class. That made me feel a little better about "enabling" him, too.

You know, I really miss my old DH and the fun things we used to do when we had discretionary income, I hope someday I can have that again...


Pann said...

I guess the combination of the carrot (Carol pays your bad check) and the stick (the sheriff takes you to jail) were enough to motivate him to get those papers filled out.