Saturday, December 8, 2007

In which Carol gets upset

Well, it's kind of a long story, but Jim came into some money he wasn't expecting to get, so all of a sudden he wasn't broke. And that wasn't a good thing for DH's spending.

DH and Jim have been spending money every day this week. They bought: A plow for the ATV, insulation and light fixtures for the duck house (even though I tried to explain that there is no need), insulated jeans for Jim, a new cordless phone, and then, apparently, Jim is getting tired of sleeping on our couch, so he bought a 2nd-hand hide-a-bed (in very nice condition), and while DH and Jim were at the 2nd-hand furniture place, they decided we also needed a new coffee table and new end tables. Can you believe all that???

Anyhow, I was starting to get annoyed by Tuesday, and they had only bought the plow and the new phone at that point. By the time the "new" furniture showed up, I was more than a little peeved. All the spending really really bothered me. I wanted to say "you know, if you want to spend money, I've got DH's truck payment and DH's ATV payment, and both of them are due, and we need those bills paid a lot more than we need new end tables"....but of course I didn't.

I felt really uncomfortable about the new "house" stuff, too. I felt like it was rather presumptious and pushy for Jim (or for Jim AND DH, for that matter) to up and buy stuff like that without talking to me about it at all. I really felt imposed on, and I felt like Jim was "moving in" for good, and, since I HATE company, that didn't sit well with me at all.

I do think, though, that Jim was picking up on my extreme discomfort. It would take a real numbskull not to. I was getting terse, and he was concerned that maybe I didn't like the new furniture. I didn't know how to explain it to him without offending him. So I tried to explain it to DH in private, and he said he understood. And I felt like he did. And I felt like my "real" DH was there with me all of a sudden. What a weird switcheroo.


Pann said...

I don't know what your arrangment with Jim is - but at some point maybe he should be contributing to expenses if he plans to "move in"...

sounds like you handled yourself well in that difficult situation!

Mrs. Dreamer said...

Ugh. I would have been livid. You're too polite. It's your nest, plus you're taking care of everyone and thing around there. There is no way someone is buying furniture for my husband. My husband knows better then to do that.

I just found your blog and am reading through it to catch-up. I really appreciate your insights and loyalty.