Wednesday, December 19, 2007


He did it!!! DH got all the bankruptcy forms filled out, and we went and met with the attorney today. It seems like it will be relatively painless to get those debts out of the way. Like I thought, he is able to file bankruptcy without me, so my credit will be intact. What a relief!!!

The money will still be extremely tight after the bankruptcy, thanks to the truck loan and the four wheeler (ATV) loan, which, since they are partly mine (due to the open-ended loan agreement from before--what had happened was, back in like 2002, we had to put in a new well. We got a joint loan from the credit union for that, and then, because I trusted DH completely, and he trusted me, we signed an open-ended loan agreement, where if we needed a loan, only one of us would have to sign for it...anyhow, when DH got the 4-wheeler, he got the loan at a different bank, and his truck loan was with a different bank too. But then he went to the credit union, and they, unbeknownst to him (or so he says) looked at my credit, and, without telling him that they only look at the "better" credit in a joint situation, told him that they could give him a better interest rate, so he moved both of those loans to the credit union, and suddenly I was on the hook for two loans I never signed up for. So my word to everyone, no matter how strong your marriage is at the time, don't ever sign one of those agreements!!! Anyhow, after the bankruptcy, since my name is still on those loans, I'll still be responsible for them...)--still leaves my budget about $400 a month more than what I'm currently bringing in, but I'm hoping we'll get enough of a tax refund where I can pay some things down...anyhow...I've been somehow managing for a year and a half, I guess I can go for a while longer, right? It all seems to work out eventually.....At least now, the bill collectors will stop calling, and I won't have to worry about a lien being put on the house or anything like that....and DH won't have to worry about if he gets a job, are they going to garnish his wages or whatever.....

He's been wearing his CPAP machine at night again. For the longest time he refused to wear it, now that he's wearing it, I am seeing big changes....a lot less mood swings, a lot more humor, a lot more like my old DH....so maybe the CPAP is part of what was missing???? I don't know, but I sure am not complaining!

And he's been trying to cut down a little on the pop, so that made me happy too....I came home last night to find that the case of pop that I had bought him two days earlier was only half gone!!! Maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel.....


Joann said...

WOW that is greart to here that
things maybe getting beter. You know what they say BABY STEPS
& those BABY STEPS can go a long way. GOOD LUCK & have a MERRY X-MASS.