Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doggy Diapers--not designed for diabetes insipidus!

Well, I've now got two different kinds of diapers for "incontinent" dogs.  The biggest problem I'm seeing is that the diapers on the market are designed for dogs who might "leak" a little, or have one "regular sized" accident maybe once or twice a day.  Unfortunately, the problem with Sarah is that she is now having five or six HUGE accidents a day.  And the diapers get so soaked that they get heavy and fall right off.  And of course the "wipedown" in between changes isn't fun, either.  But I haven't found the "perfect" solution, for sure.

One possibility is that I try to use "human" diapers, which may be (?) designed to hold more urine(?).  But they also aren't designed to fit a dog well.....I think maybe I'll try putting a heavy-duty human incontinence pad inside the diaper and see if that works.

Another problem I'm finding (and some of you won't be surprised) is that DH keeps finding excuses not to use the diapers, so then we are right where we started.  "I didn't put one on her because I knew that you were going to let her out when you got home".  "I didn't put one on her because they fall off."  ARGH.  But you can bet that "That Guy" will be the angry one when the house smells bad again, and he won't see the relationship.  I've got to get this all to work.


perphila said...

At least you are exploring options. I can tell you adult diapers for humans don't always work either. I have had to try different methods of control for the people I have worked with and it is trial and error to find what works best. Even the one that works best isn't what you would like either sometimes or what works for a while will need to be changed again. Kind of like meds huh?

Anonymous said...

You mention "That Guy" being angry a lot. While he isn't hitting you (that you mention) verbal abuse and being around a perpetually angry person can be damaging to your health.
Yes, yes, I know it's "not that bad" and you're used to it but I think it would be very depressing and unpleasant to spend even a single evening with "That Guy."