Sunday, December 14, 2008

Question of the day

Mom? What's the best way for me to come up with three or four thousand dollars by April?

Me: Did I hear you right? (I'm thinking....she's thinking car....and doesn't know we've decided she's not ready to drive yet...)

DD: Well, it might be more....

Me: What are you thinking you need that costs that much?

DD: Well, I'm going to be 16 in April, and for my "sweet 16" party, I want to have ACDC come and play.

Me: Um, honey, you'll need a LOT more than that....

DD: No I won't!!! They're all old now!!!

Me: Maybe you should try to come up with some cheaper ideas.

DD: Well, can I have a deejay?

Me: We haven't even discussed whether there will be a party, let alone what will happen there!

DD: Well, could you open me a savings account?

Me: Ok, sure!! If you can save up thirty dollars, I will be very happy to open you a savings account.

DD: Oh. Well I don't think I could save that much.

Me: Why not? You just earned ten dollars the day before yesterday for combing the dogs--do that twice more and you've got it made!

DD: I already spent all that money.

Me: Oh.

DD: But can I shovel the walk or something and you can pay me?

Me: Um....it hasn't snowed all week.

DD: So?

Me: Why don't you wait until after the blizzard hits on Sunday, then after we've got a foot of snow, we can talk about shoveling.

DD: Oh forget it.

(It seems like nobody is happy with my inability to conjure up money out of thin air these days!)


Mrs. Dreamer said...

I loved this post. I scared my sleeping animals with my laughing.