Sunday, April 4, 2010

Four Days.....

Well, DH has been at his new job for four days now, and he hasn't been fired or even reprimanded, if he's being honest about things....he's so excited to be working again, I am really hoping that it will work, but I am still not confident...it's a pretty active job, and after three years of laying in bed/sitting on couch, walking a bunch and breaking up fights is a lot more than he's used to. Consequently, he has a lot of physical complaints. I hope he can work past them, and I told him that it would be better if he didn't share those complaints with his manager unless he absolutely couldn't do his job...and DH didn't seem to understand why he should keep quiet. But he said he would, anyhow....

On Thursday morning he came home and I was sleeping (Rather surprising, but I've been going to bed at around 10pm and not getting up until about 10am--and I'm just exhausted!). Anyhow, I was sleeping, and he walked in, all slumped over, and I woke up and asked him what was wrong. "You're not gonna believe this", he said. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong!" I asked him what he meant. "I got fired again!" I got real alarmed and jumped out of bed, thinking that this was terrible, and what happened now, etc....

And he looked me in the eye and said "April Fool. Go back to bed."


But I did kind of deserve it, for an April Fools joke I played on him back before he got sick--he's never forgiven me for that, and every once in a while I tease him about it....so I guess what's good for the goose....right? LOL

Today will be a busy day. When I get off work at 8am, I'm going to run to my mom's and throw food in crockpots, then run home and take a nap. Then I'll get up and bring her to church (just down the hall) and then we'll have our Easter. Then I'll go home and sleep a little more, and then go to work again. I've got to tell them that I don't want all these hours, but it's hard when I think about the paycheck :-(

But I'll never find a "good" full time job, if I keep spending all my time working for this (supposedly) part time job.

Oh well. Happy Easter everyone!


perphila said...

What a joke!...lol

Happy Easter to you and your your family......:)

Elizabeth A. said...

Yay for DH. The first week at any job I've had has always been the hardest. I hope his sleep hasn't been disturbed too much.

Happy Easter.

marythemom said...

Now I really wanna to know what April Fools joke you played on him!

Mary in TX