Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I need to lose 40 lbs in 3 days :-)

Not sure how I feel about this but....

I've got an interview.

It's with my still-current (but very soon to be former) employer, in another department. I'm not sure I'm qualified, but I have done similar work in the past. Apparently my resume made them think that I might be able to do the job.

I am not sure I want to keep working at the same company. But I DO want to keep working. I might get laid off "again". But I guess that could happen anyhow, right?

Anyhow. So I haven't done a job interview for over 4 years. I don't have interview clothes. I need to lose weight. Maybe I should get a haircut. (but it would be just my luck that the haircut would be awful). I'm an introvert. I'm nervous and scared. But that'll be the case at any job.

I've just told DH that I'll go in there on Friday (yep, the day after my "last" day) and do my best. And what will be will be....right?????

Any words of wisdom are welcome.

Oh--and I probably won't be able to lose the 40 lbs by then. Sigh.


perphila said...

A haircut might make you feel better. If you don't ask for anything drastic you should be fine..:)

Is there anyone you know you might be able to borrow some clothes from? I don't have anything nice either. I borrowed a few dresses from a friend to wear to court the few times I had to go. I know there are places you can go to get interview clothes for free but you have to make an appointment so if things don't work out this time or you choose not to go you can try and hook up there for any future interviews.

I am am introvert too. I know how you feel so hang in there.

Lisa said...

Speaking as a former employer...
Slow, steady, deep breaths before you go in. Believe in yourself.
Tell yourself "I can do this." about a 100 times before you go in. Short, clean nails. (sorry that was thing of mine.) Less is more on jewelry and perfume. More than one person almost knocked me out with perfume. :D

I'm an introvert too and hated doing interviews.

You can do this. Smile

Jessa said...

Goodwill perhaps if you feel you want something new for the interview? Otherwise there are programs, but I don't know how to qualify for those. I've found a lot of nicest clothes just browsing the Goodwill racks. As for weight, carrying yourself with confidence will do wonders for that. :) Good luck!

Kathie said...

Carol, you CAN do this. Think about the timing of this...the 'door' on your old job closes on Thursday...another 'door' opens on Friday. Walk with confidence out of the first into the second. I have been praying for you.

Angelina said...

I think you know I have a lot of weight that I need to lose too, so I understand how that can make you feel more insecure than you might feel otherwise. But something I've been learning at this large size is that if you let your personality shine, and (as perphila says) smile the most genuine smile you will make a good impression.

You can totally do this. Take some confidence from the fact that your company already thinks you might be the person for the job. That's very encouraging.

I don't know you in real life but I do know from what I've read here on your blog that you can deal with anything. I have drawn strength from reading about all of your ups and downs and you being the care-taker for 3 special needs people- on an extreme budget- is an incredible feat!

So go in there and give it everything. You have nothing to lose and if you get the job and then you find it wasn't right for you or you really do want to leave the company you're with- then you can look for something else.

Best of luck! Fingers crossed for you!