Wednesday, November 11, 2009


DH just called and told me that every time my mom would hear a sound in her apartment, she would start screaming about Thor's girlfriend being back. DH "chased her away" several times, but my mom apparently was so upset that "that cat broke Thor's heart, she's indecent and shouldn't be allowed here!" that she just couldn't calm down. The aides finally came in and gave her a PRN Xanax (that's the only PRN my mom has for anxiety) and she just fell asleep.

Thank God for the angels that work at the assisted living facility. And thank God for DH.

Things are just so weird all of a sudden.


perphila said...

Good for DH to call and update you.

I hope your mom has a better day today. Remember to write all this down for the doctor tomorrow.

Miz Kizzle said...

I know you hate to have your mom hospitalized but it seems like she needs to be thoroughly tested to find out what's causing her extreme disorientation. What you report she says about the slutty cat girlfriend sounds like psychosis. Cats are amoral. They don't break each other's hearts and it's not an act of indecency for them to become pregnant.
If she were in the hospital she could have the battery of tests she needs to find out what's causing her bizarre thinking. Seeing a doctor as an outpatient doesn't cut it; it's a hit or miss scenario and from what you say she needs help immediately.
I know you say she gets dysregulated when she's hospitalized but she's already in a strange hallucinatory world. Plus, your DH is starting to exhibit symptoms of his disease. he needs a break, too.