Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bipolar hubby takes the MMPI....

DH is back to "stable". I guess the problem is that I start thinking that he's going to be "stable" forever now, and I need to recognize (albeit reluctantly), that any little thing can, and will, throw him off. Even though his thinking's still not right, and he forgets at least half of everything I tell him, I'll take this "stability" any day. Things have been so much worse.

And interesting.....DH took the MMPI test recently. We (of course) didn't get a copy of the results, but one of the things that showed up most prominently was that he has a tendency towards having a lot of pain(s) that is/are mental health related. It was referred to as (I think, but didn't write it down) "conversion disorder" and/or "somatization disorder". Nobody, to the best of my knowledge, aside from me and some of the commenters here, has ever seemed to give serious credence to the possibility that DH's back pain might be "all in his head". I felt rather vindicated. I think DH STILL didn't want to believe it, he really didn't jump right up and say, "You know, that's absolutely right!" but I think he's at least thinking about it.... Other things that showed up..."extremely dependent on spouse", "difficult time starting tasks", "possible addictive tendencies"....
Nothing was mentioned about bipolar per se, or spending, or depression....but it could be that since we already knew about those, the therapist just didn't bother reading that part to us? Anyhow, it was very interesting.

DH and I marveled at how a 2-hour test could pick up on things so accurately. He said it was kind of scary that they could know so much about him with just that one test. To the best of my knowledge, it's the first time he's taken it since he became mentally ill. (When he went to the Police Academy, he had to take it, and he was not rejected, so we are assuming that nothing out of the ordinary showed up at that time...?) I wish I could've taken it. I'm curious.


Miz Kizzle said...

You can get the written results of the test from his therapist. It's part of your rights as a healthcare consumer. Don't be put of by your therapist insisting that it's difficult for laymen to understand. Not so. You can easily look up any terms you don't understand online.

Elizabeth A. said...

I agree with Miz. Ask for a copy if you want it.

Like many pain issues, I think they are exascerbated by mental illness. I know I've hurt my back, but I also know it's worse on my "bad days." I know I never have migraines on my good days. The pain is real, but it depends on which day it is if it's just a headache or a full blown migraine.

I hope y'all can enjoy his current stretch of good days.

perphila said...

Yes, you should ask for the results. It's amazing what a little research can do for answering any questions you might have.

It would be interesting to take the test huh? I wish I could sneak one to Sean...:)

Carol said...

FYI the therapist said that the makers of the MMPI do not allow laypeople to have a copy of the results because only a "professional" is qualified to read them.

Even though all the therapist did was read the results to us anyhow.