Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My new job (funny)

Time: 4am
Place: bedroom

DH: Are you there?

Me: Yes, I'm here. What's going on?

DH: Yeah, it just happened! There were two cars up there, and they fell off, and then another one went up there, and that one fell off, too!

Me: (smiling) Oh, wow, how did they fall off????

DH: Well, hey--......Carol?????!!!!!!

Me: Yep, that's me!

DH: ZZzzzzzzzz. ZZzzzzzzzz.

DH: Carol?

Me: Yes?

DH: When did you become a 911 operator?

I love when DH talks in his sleep.


Sheri said...

That's so funny, I sleep talk as well, and my mother used to tell me we'd often have whole conversations.

perphila said...

It's those moments that help us through the rough times...:)

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. My DH "sleep talks" when he's awake but exhausted. He participates in long distance bicycle races, some of which last several days and cover hundreds of miles. When I picked him up from one of these extravaganzas one time he was so tired that he began rambling about odd things and then pulling himself up short in confusion.
At one point, we were driving past a lake and he muttered that "they" were going to build a streetcar line out to an island where a branch of his favorite ice cream store was going to be built.
I asked him how they were going to do that and he replied, "through complicated engineering."
Then he said, "What am I talking about?"
-Miz Kizzle