Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to normal.

Well, DH is back. And to be honest, I was a little (ok, more than a little) disappointed when he got there. I had such a good time!!!!!I ate my favorite cereal, and a frozen pizza. I finished a book without anyone interrupting me. And during the time I was home, there was not one dog "accident", from either Kirby or Sarah--I got up to get them outside before there was a problem (yes, it was a little more inconvenient, but it's so much more pleasant to not have to clean that up....)

So then, I went out and cut the entire lawn....it ends up being about 2 1/2 acres of lawn, so that was most of my day on Saturday, but it felt so good to have it done!!!! See, when DH does it, he might do the "front", and then put off doing the "back" until tomorrow, when it rains, and then it never gets done. It really bothers me when things don't get all the way done, so I made sure the lawn did, when I was in charge. And it felt good. Really good. And when DH got home, I think he was a little chastened that I did all that, so he fired up the wood splitter and split some wood (Thank Goodness!)

I so much enjoyed having the place to myself, I wished I had the nerve to tell him to stay up there for the whole week....but then...that's not fair to the dogs, because I work such long hours and they really need to get outside.....drat. Oh well, it was a very refreshing couple of days. Now it's over, and I'm back to work. Tomorrow's the fair, and I'm looking forward to that, too. Even though I won't have much money for food, I've always loved all the things you can see...and the people-watching is good, too! I already bought discount admission tickets. DH is a little disappointed that I don't have more money for food and such (I only have about $40.00 to split between the both of us) but I figure if each food thing costs about $5, that should still be plenty. We'll just have to be careful. I think it'll be fine. And if DH doesn't like it, he can go back to his mom's!


Manic Mother said...

Get some cheese curds for me...oddly they don't have them at FL fairs..

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't like it he can get something called a job. It's how the rest of us get money.

perphila said...

Isn't some down time great!

I hope you have fun at the fair. Our big one is coming up at the end of the month. I am hoping we can go. I know about having no money. Try it with kids who all want to go on rides! Not to mention just the price to get in. I like the animals and displays but I am the boring mom..:)