Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well, Christmas was strange, but not as sad as I thought it would be.  DH's mom's injuries were not as dire as we first thought.  I am learning that DH, even when he gets the information directly, is not necessarily an accurate source.  He talked to his brother and told me that his mom had broken her pelvis and her arm.  Then he talked to his mom himself and told me that no, she had broken her hip, her pelvis, and her arm.  I called her on Christmas, as I am having a tough time getting DH to call his family members (not sure whats up with that, is he afraid of what he might hear, maybe?) and she told me this:  She broke "a couple of bones" in her pelvis, but there isn't anything the doctors can do to fix them.  She has a crack in her hip, but it's not actually broken, and her arm is fine.  But her shoulder is messed up and she did have to have surgery on that.  So she is out of the hospital, but in a lot of pain and can't walk.  Mostly, though, she can't walk because she needs to take some pressure off of her hip by using a walker, but her shoulder makes it difficult.  She tried to describe this "half walker" thing that she is learning to use.  She sounded good.  I was hugely relieved.

As far as DH's dad goes, he's still in the hospital.  He had a massive stroke affecting his left side.  We are waiting to see where he goes next, probably a rehab center in his hometown.

And my aunt.  We went to their house for Christmas.  She has lost her hair and has a cough, but aside from that, and the fact that she didn't get up from her chair while we were there, she seemed in remarkably good spirits and she ate well.  She seemed a little more "tuned in" to everything, too--usually she has a bad habit of just repeating what everyone else says--I'll say something like "DD is on Christmas vacation from school this week." And she'll say (to my uncle): "Did you hear that, Uncle?  She's out of school this week." (Even though he's sitting right next to us and is involved in the conversation.  She barely did that at all and seemed to have more to say than usual.  I was pretty scared to go and see her, as she (and my uncle) are people who have been in my life forever, and the fact that they might not always be there is almost scarier than the fact that my mom won't always be there.

My mom.  I didn't spend much time with her on Christmas.  I feel bad about that.  But I felt like I needed to see my aunt, and my mom can not remember from one hour to the next that it is Christmas, so I thought it would probably be ok.  But for New Years Eve, I bought some little horns and some sparkling grape juice and we had a little party and sang Auld Lang Syne :-)  She said it was fun.  We'll do it again tomorrow :-)

And the Kindle.  Best present I've gotten in a long time!!!!  I am amazed at how many books are available for free and for .99 too--I just love it!  Right now I have a wish list about ten miles long and I'll have to figure out a way to share it with you (not really because I want you all to buy me something, but mostly because I personally feel like I can get to know a person a little better when I can see what they're interested in reading)...

Mostly, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I'm looking forward to 2012 hopefully being a little easier.  Thanks to all of you for being there for me and offering your wisdom and support throughout the year. Hugs to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Life sucks :(

Miz Kizzle said...

Happy New Year! Kindles are the best. I highly recommend "The Paris Wife" by Paula McLain and "The Hare With the Amber Eyes" by Edmund de Waal.
I downloaded Dickens' "Pickwick Papers" for free, and a couple of short story collections by Kipling.
Your local library may lend eBooks, too.

Miss Kitty said...

Happy New Year, Carol. Here's hoping 2012 brings you happiness and prosperity. Sorry to hear about the ill loved ones; good thing Xmas was better than you'd thought it might be. Hugs to you and the critters!

Anonymous said...

"I was pretty scared to go and see her, as she (and my uncle) are people who have been in my life forever, and the fact that they might not always be there is almost scarier than the fact that my mom won't always be there."

Everything and everyone outlive their purposes.

Annehueser said...

You can make a separate wishlist for your Kindle books and make it public while leaving other stuff on a non-public wishlist. If you want. Also, a woman named Joyce starts a discussion in the discussion forums each day listing the free books of the day. They're titled "Free books (with the date)", for example Free books Monday January 2. I've found that to be the most valuable resource in finding free books.

Anonymous said...

Your continued positive outlook on life is inspiring. You give me hope about the nature of human beings.

Thank You