Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well, I did end up going in, got some antibiotics, because according to the doctor, "eighty percent of cat bite and scratch wounds become infected"....so it was a good thing I took your advice about going in.  I hated to spend the money, but yes, it was better and smarter to do that than to end up with a $15,000 hospital bill and a bunch of missed work, etc....

The kitty?  Still living in the chicken house.  I'm her (his?) new best friend.  When she(?) sees me coming, she runs up to me like a puppy!  Then she purrs and prances all over and I scratch her ears.  I think she has ear mites, as she has sores behind each of her ears, but I'm currently not confident enough of our friendship to try to do something about that....I know the flea medicine "Revolution" will also cure ear mites, and I actually have some, but you have to apply it to the skin under the fur, and I'm thinking my new friend probably won't like that, so it'll have to wait until I can live-trap her and get her into the vet.  Hopefully that'll be in the next few weeks, as I don't want any "bonus" kitties.  Unfortunately, our furnace is not currently in working condition, so it probably won't happen next payday (we usually burn wood only until the beginning of December anyhow, but when it starts to get really really cold, we need the furnace so that the pipes don't freeze/burst).

Anyhow, DH has decided to name the kitty "Lester".  He doesn't care if "Lester" is a boy or girl, he's always wanted a black cat named "Lester", so there you go.  So as far as black cats in the house go, we'll have Twilight (age 5), Elmo (age 6) and Lester (age unknown, but I suspect around 6 months).  I'm still hoping that someone will call me up and say "I've been looking for a little cat, not a kitten, but just a real nice cat...." and I could tell them about Lester and.....I know, I know....odds are not in favor of that happening!  But I can think about that anyhow....


Miss Kitty said...

Glad to know you were able to get to the doctor for some antibiotics. I hope the pain's manageable; my cat bites hurt terribly for about 72 hours, but then got better. At first they were an 8 on a scale of 1-10, and then after the first three days they settled down to a 3.5 or 4. I still have tingling and numbness in that wrist, even four months later.

It's hilarious that Lester (awesome name, DH!) is still staying in the chicken house. Your chickens are very tolerant and kind to this new "bird" with a long tail and weird-looking feathers. I hope you'll eventually be able to post a photo or two of Lester roosting up with the flock. LOL!

CatLover said...

I got bitten in the hand twice, by a feral cat that I tamed later, and a dying cat on another occasion. The first time, I didn't realize that it was the swelling in my hand that was causing such severe pain, and took something like tylenol for it. With the tylenol, it still hurt so bad that all I could do is sit there with my thumb held in my lap in front of me, for like 2 days. The second time, I asked the doctor about pain relief and I think I took Ibuprofen, which does more for swelling, and oh, did that make it hurt a lot less!! The first time I got bit, I didn't go in for a few days, and the doc lectured me and said that people can permanently lose the use of their hand from an untreated cat bite.

So I'm glad you went in and got some antibiotics!

Do you really think the new kittie would object that much to the Revolution? Maybe put it on the cat while he/she is getting a treat?

A trick I learned from my local vet who practices in a low income area is that for Frontline and I believe Revolution also, the cat and dog formulas are the same. So if you have a lot of cats, you can buy the tube that is for a big dog, and measure out a portion onto each cat with a syringe (without the needle). I always forget the amounts, per cat, but that is a big money saver, because the big dog size is usually only a couple dollars more than a cat size, and it will treat around 5 cats, as I recall.

Carol said...

Thank you for the information about the Frontline!!! I didn't know that--I always thought they were somewhat different formulas because of the way cats groom themselves!!! I should be able to find the "proportions" online--that'll save some money!