Monday, November 28, 2011

Missing in Action

I know some of you are probably sick of me bringing up my cats but....the night before last, we had an escapee.  Shasta meow, age 11, who has not been outside since the day we got her in 2001, ran out the door 48 hours ago and has not been seen since.  I'm frantic.  I haven't seen any sign of her.  We've alerted our closest neighbors, who haven't seen her (and I do believe they would tell us that), and I've set a live trap out on the deck where she escaped.  Nothing.

I've looked under the deck, under the back steps, in the woods (where, while I was watching, I saw a huge hawk steal one of the chickens that refuses to stay in the pen, so that made me feel heaps better), in every clump of woods and trees I can think of.  Last night I moved the live trap (baited with Fancy Feast Tuna & Whitefish dinner [really stinky]) from right outside the door to under the deck, in case that made her feel safer.  I'm just frantic.  All of my experience, and everything I found on the internet said that typically cats in this situation don't go very far.  So where the heck is she?  It's like she just up and disappeared.  I'm so worried.  All of these horrible images keep going through my head. 

And I have to confess, although DH seems concerned too, that since she escaped while he was home and I wasn't, I've been wondering a little if maybe there's more to the story....and then I feel guilty about that.....but he's lied to me so many times, I doubt him more than I believe him.  And thats a terrible feeling too.  I am desperate.  I need her to come back.

Anyhow, any words of wisdom and/or prayers are gratefully accepted....


Elizabeth A. said...

I rally do hope she's okay.Even though she's never been out, I'm sure she remembers her way back. We've had cats be gone three or four days at a time, and it's not the dead of winter yet.

Miss Kitty said...

She may also be hiding and so scared that she's staying quiet. I've had a couple of indoor-only cats get out, and they stayed gone a few days...turned out they were hiding nearby and paralyzed with fear.

Fingers and paws here at the HKC are crossed for your kitty's safe return.