Sunday, November 18, 2012

DH: Outpatient Surgery on Monday

Well, it looks like DH will be having outpatient surgery on Monday for nerve problems in his left hand.  This problem has been there for about 6 months--at first when DH complained about his hand being numb, I just chalked it up to more of his heath complaints.  But then his little finger started to contract and now he can barely move his ring finger or his little finger on his left hand, and that is his dominant hand (he is left handed).  The neurologist that he saw has determined that he has carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome.  Apparently (surprise surprise) these sorts of issues are rather common with diabetics and can only be remedied with surgery.

So on Monday, 11/19/12, DH will be going in to have surgery.  His left hand/arm may be out of commission for several months.  And, sad to say, it's not the surgery I'm worrying about right now.  It's the Percocet.  Because I am absolutely certain that the surgeon will prescribe it and, even though DH is restricted, I am sure the insurance company will allow it for a surgery.  And the thought of dealing with the Percocet issue AGAIN makes me hugely crabby.

Surprisingly, DH admitted to me that he understands why I get angry about the Percocet.  But he still has zero insight into how it controls him.  I remember (before I started blogging) when I had my gallbladder out, I think it was 2005--when all the mental illness problems were just starting to show up.  I was prescribed Percocet for pain.  After I got back home, I did have pain.  I took two scheduled doses of the Percocet, then I didn't need it any more.  I decided to save the remaining pills in case "someone" needed them in the future.   They disappeared, however, within two weeks.  At that time I truly didn't realize what a hold that drug would have on DH and I also didn't realize that his thinking was already "messed up" at that time.  Hindsight's 20/20, though, isn't it?

Well, I guess on this one I can't say that he's faking the nerve problems, I can see them with my own eyes.  I've seen the neurologist's reports.  I guess I just need to steel myself for the inevitable power struggle that will come right after the surgery.


Miss Kitty said...

Best of luck, Carol. You've done all you can. Be good to yourself and the critters. (((hugs)))