Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ok, something's up here......

DH just called to tell me that he made an appointment to go to physical therapy for his back.

What the???!!!!

Basically every doctor in town has told him that he needs to go, but after more than three years he's made exactly one appointment (at my behest) and attended that and never went back.

But he called and set up the appointment himself.  I absolutely cannot believe it.

Maybe the med changes are a good thing.....?  (Or maybe he's feeling good about taking care of his diabetes and it's overflowing?) I don't know, but I'll sure take it!


Miss Kitty said...

Wow! Amazing! Before the bipolar appeared, did he usually do things on his own initiative?

Here's hoping the behavior/meds change is long-term. :-)

Miss Kitty said...

Haven't heard anything from you...hope all's still going well. Keep us posted and let us know what's happening. (((HUGS)))