Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A wake-up call DH can't ignore!

Well, if you remember from my post regarding the Wellness Walk, DH was supposed to go but he had a "health issue".  Well, that issue has turned out to be bigger than we thought.

(Warning--slightly grown-up material ahead--and not for the squeamish)

DH had a rapidly growing lump on his inner thigh.  He thought it might have been from his pants rubbing his leg or something, he could walk, but he didn't do the Wellness Walk because he was afraid it would make it worse.  As usual, I didn't pay too much attention, as he always has a reason not to do something that requires a little effort....

Anyhow, the lump continued to grow, so DH went to the doctor.  What the Dr. said has caused DH to sit up and take notice like no other health problem he's ever had.

Basically, the lump was a cyst.  They had to cut it open to drain it, and the doctor said that he had seen bigger ones, but not too many.  DH has to go back to the hospital to have it "re-packed" with cotton/gauze because it is draining really bad.  It will recur, and since diabetics are more prone to infection, especially if the diabetes is poorly controlled, eventually, the recurrence will almost certainly become infected.    This particular kind of cyst becomes more difficult to combat each time it recurs, can cause scarring and "tunnels" under his skin.  Once the infection is present, because of the extremely close proximity to DH's "manly parts", and the increasing difficulty in treating the cyst, it is likely that those parts would become infected/gangrenous and require amputation.  The Dr. was absolutely serious about this and said that unless DH starts controlling his diabetes, it was almost a certainty.

DH has suddenly decided that it is time to take control of his diabetes.

He's been buying diet pop, considering the sugars in what he eats, and has decided to attend a "control your diabetes" class.

Priorities, priorities  :-)

I guess all those times I "reminded" him that if he didn't start taking his diabetes seriously, he'd lose his legs and maybe his arms too, and end up in a nursing home because I can't lift him.....I was threatening the wrong parts!  Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Oh.my.stars! Your poor hubby...how much stress is he suddenly under? But how you wrote that...I am still chuckling and smiling! Too funny. Tell him to 'hang in there', pun intended, hee hee!

Abby said...

Oh dear!!!

It's amazing what threatening a mans private parts can make them do!


Anonymous said...

Your hubby is a piece of work. Arms gone? No problem. No legs? No sweat. Manly bits in danger? Nooooo! Save them! Help!
Since he probably could wear a larger cup size bra than I do, I really don't see what he's so upset about. It's fun being a (more or less) girl!

perphila said...

Well, whatever the reason, at least he is motivated. I wonder if there is a way to claim he would lose his "parts" by not attending therapy? Without proper treatment bi-polar leads to "shrinkage" or something. :)