Sunday, June 12, 2011

DD says she loves the group home....

I've asked her a few times now, and she says she loves it there.  She's (so far) getting along with everyone.  She's excited that she'll get to cook for her housemates.  She says the staff is nice, and the housemates are nice, too.  It's a huge relief.

I, as Mom, am having some trepidation, of course.  Since DD is so immature, I kind of feel like I just sent my 11-year-old out to live as an adult.  And I'm hoping and praying that she learned enough at the RTC to get along in a household without a parent....I'm so glad I'm her guardian!  Today the group home called me to ask me if DD could get her hair cut.  I said yes, of course, and was excited that they called me to ask first.....then I remembered that DD did not have any money.  I decided that was not currently my problem, so I didn't call them back.

Surprise, DD called me back to ask me if I could take her to get her hair cut.  Apparently she is realizing that the group home doesn't pay for a lot of stuff.  I really really didn't want to drive 30 miles to the group home just because she wants something, so I told her some other day.  I think what I'll do is make out a check to the hair place and drop it off at the group home on my way home from work on Monday.  Then a staff can take her.  Sunday (as you might remember) is the day I get off work at 8am, take a little nap and then go to "church" at the nursing home with my mom.  And today (Sunday) since I've been told that she is not eating well, I'll be staying for supper, too--just in case I can help.

All in all, DD seems to be adjusting.  And I am adjusting, and so is DH.  I know, though, that she is still in the "honeymoon" stage--after all, it took her a month to have an outburst at the foster care home....so the real test will be the first tantrum......  I'll keep you all posted...


perphila said...

So far so good, thank goodness for small favors. You are already aware of what is most likely to happen (another tantrum) and are ready for it. Think about how far you have come to recognize these things so you don't get so disappointed and yet relieved for the small breaks. I am glad you are her guardian too. She is lucky to have you.