Friday, May 11, 2012

From the mouths of babes.....LOL-I think!!!!

As you probably remember, I work in a group home for mentally ill people on Friday and Saturday overnights.  We recently got a new client, age 24, who has a very similar history and diagnoses as my dd.  So it's possible that I have above-average experience/skills in talking with a person with these issues (or maybe I'm just lucky!)....anyhow, this client and I were talking about some problems she's had in the past, and her family history.  And even though a lot of her thoughts were showing a lack of common sense, I just tried to empathize and say things like "Wow, it sounds like that really stresses you out!" Or "I can sure see how that might upset a person....." and "I can hear how frustrated you are, that must be very hard."

So she was really opening up to me.  And it was very nice to be there for her.

And then she said, "You remind me of a lady who worked at a group home that I used to live at.  She was a really nice old lady, just like you!"

I was taken aback for a second, because, after all, my Mom's the "old lady", right?  Then I just thanked her for the compliment.  And I'm still laughing inside.  And cringing a little maybe too.


Shannon said...

Foucus on the "nice" and leave out the "old"! My son calls me old - he's 17 and I'm only 41! Thanks Kiddo!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Why cringe? You have two choices after you survive the birth canal. You've been avoiding the only other choice all this time. As you grow older, the nature of that choice becomes ever more reliable. Turn left, oblivion.