Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shasta got her Christmas present early

I'm fed up with coming home every day to DH telling me that another animal escaped.  I'm not exactly sure why they escape on him but not on me, maybe his size has something to do with it....anyhow, I invested part of my Christmas bonus to buy a baby gate for the entry way.  Some of the pets are rather bummed.

But it's proving to be worth its weight in gold :-)


Miz Kizzle said...

Shasta is beautiful! She looks big enough to jump over the gate but maybe she won't figure that out. My standard poodle can jump a five-foot fence that keeps my daughter's pony safely corraled.
I bet your hubby goes outside to smoke and what with his back problem and other aches and pains he moves too slowly to shut the door quickly. I don't think he's deliberately letting the animals escape; it's more of a matter of inattention.

CatLover said...

I specifically bought a house that has an unheated porch, so if a cat slips by my quick foot, all he can do is sit there and curse the outer door that traps him on the porch. I say "him" because my two boys slip by sometimes, but the girl cat behaves.

I did lose a feral cat that I had tamed because my door popped open. I was living in a ratty old mobile home at the time, and due to a poor foundation, that door would just open up, even though it was locked. The first time, I got her in a Havahart trap, but the second time, she was trap shy, or dead, or too far away, and I lost her forever. She was the mama of 2 cats I still have.

When some day I remodel (hah! Like that will ever happen) I am going to make sure that I retain this system.

I agree with Miz Kizzle. My father couldn't stop cats from running out the door, so my mom set up a shield of some kind so the naughty cat couldn't hang out there unseen and slip out past my dad.