Saturday, October 26, 2013

Social Security Disability Update

We got the call over Labor Day weekend. DH's disability claim has been approved. He's also going to be eligible for Medicare in March, which is almost more exciting than the Disability itself, because this year, we (I) had already spent over $3000.00 in out of pocket expenses just for DH alone--prescriptions, ER visits, Dr. visits, etc. The Medicare coupled with my health insurance from work, will mean he is double covered and presumably, our bills will go down significantly. I may even be able to give myself a raise, because right now I contribute the maximum amount to my Flex plan, which amounts to about 95.00 each paycheck before taxes. Now granted that I do go to the doctor once in a while, so the amount wouldn't go down to zero, but the decrease could potentially be significant. Open enrollment at work is next month, so I'll have to ask someone how that all works.
Probably the biggest thing that this means right now, though, is that I am going to quit my 2nd job. After nearly exactly 8 years of working 2 jobs, DH's disability, after taxes, will be about the same amount as I bring home from the 2nd job. Originally, I wasn't going to quit right away. That extra money would make things that much easier, of course. But every time I went to work, all I kept thinking about was how I could choose to quit, how I could find a job that I really like, if I even want a second job, it's a choice now. Even before the disability was approved, I worried a lot about my mom being so sick and what if I got "the call" when I was working and couldn't leave? (Because at a group home you can't leave the clients unattended, not for any reason). And every time I showed up for work, I felt more strongly that it was time. So I put in my 2 weeks notice, this will be my last weekend of working 2 jobs.
I'm really excited about having 2 days off every week! Maybe I'll get a different part time job once my mom passes, but right now, spending more time with her will be nice, too.


ILuvCats said...

You may have already done this, but consider calling the MN Senior Linkage Line and check if your employer's plan will work cost effectively with Medicare. If it won't work (or you are paying a lot extra to cover him thru work) MN Medicare "Cost" plans are the best deal that I found, since I didn't want to do an Advantage plan (wanted to stick with original Medicare)

Wow what a relief, financially!

Jason Hayes said...

That must be the best news you received in 2013! Now you can finally have some peace of mind that whatever happens, DH will receive all the treatments and medications he needed until he is fully recovered. How is he, btw?

Jason Hayes @ DECO

Brad Post said...
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Brad Post said...

Finally receiving the approval of DH’s SSD claim was indeed great news! And in my opinion, this will not only benefit DH, but you as well because you will have more days to rest. Juggling two jobs for 8 years can be difficult, not to mention exhausting. It's about time you do something you love, or spend more time with DH.

Brad Post @ Jan Dils