Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where has he been?????

Well, yesterday, DH volunteered to take DD to her orthodontist appointment (it's an hour drive) so that I could sleep some more. I was very grateful and thanked him profusely. When he got up to go and pick her up, he told me that Kirby puppy had gotten into the garbage again (he's been doing that a lot lately). I told him I'd pick it up when I got up. I figured he'd be gone most of the afternoon. He said ok, and left, I went back to sleep.

DD's appointment must've been really short (they usually are) because about 2 hours and 15 minutes later, he angrily opened the door to the bedroom and coldly said, "I thought you were going to clean that up." I said "I haven't gotten up yet!" and he slammed the door and had dd clean up the garbage. I kind of thought to myself, "that felt kind of like "That Guy"." And then the other part of me said, "no, he was probably just crabby. And you did say you were going to clean it up..." So that was that. I just stayed out of his way for the rest of the day.

But then today, I was getting ready for work and he was telling me how much his back hurt, I wasn't sure what to say, so I just empathized with him. I left for work and on my way to work, I remembered that I had forgotten to pick up DD's pills. So I called DH. He answers the phone: "WHAT." At that point, the coldness in his voice was already telling me this was a bad idea, but I had fallen into the trap of thinking that "That Guy" was gone, so I just meekly said, "I forgot to pick up DD's pills." "Oh. Great. I suppose I'll have to go and get them. Because you're on your way to work, right?" I have no idea what on earth is going on. The back pain gives me a hint. I hope it's just a temporary thing.

And he hasn't called me all day. I'm thinking all kinds of mean things. But I'll keep them to myself.


Anonymous said...

I no this is most likely a stupit question, but is he taking his Meds. or maybe they need to be ajusted

perphila said...

Let's hope this is just a bad day. I think you're right to notice the back pain since it has been a symptom in the past. On the positive side he did get up, offer and go to an appointment. I will be thinking of you guys.